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English/Lang Arts

Lubo's Dream - First Grade English by Katie Stover

First graders used VoiceThread to publish their writing to advocate for social justice with a wide audience beyond the four walls of the classroom.

The C.U.B. Process by Ellen Phillips

C.U.B. is a great strategy to use on any type of question and in any content area. It teaches students to analyze the question by breaking it down into smaller parts to make it easier to comprehend and answer.

"Chicago" Literary Analysis - by Vicki Phillips

The poem “Chicago" illustrates the critical thinking skills that I want to help promote and encourage in my students. As we read some of Sandburg's poetry in class, I realized that the students did not really have the time to absorb or think about the poetry we were studying due to class time restrictions and the amount of material we cover in American Literature over the quarter. I wanted to select one poem to analyze and explore in depth. It was important to select a poem where they could study not only the words, but the meaning behind the words as well.

6th grade - Connotations from Julie Combs

Students learn what "connotation" means and then come up with descriptive words for various images.

Book Review: A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park from C Vidor

This VoiceThread aims to make these elements a bit more familiar to students with brief explanations and interesting images. The VoiceThread also suggests ways in which some themes of the book are evident in the story's imagery.

2nd graders play I-Spy

The project incorporates many tech skills as well as many literacy skills into a fun project they children loved. The parents and teachers also loved sharing their students work.

Higher Ed analysis of Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried"

This VoiceThread encouraged my students to critically examine the story and post their insights for the entire world to see. I saw them go from being reluctant and nervous students to enthusiastic and totally engaged teachers of one another.

8th grade Historical Fiction from Shirley Scamardella

This picture book was written, illustrated and told by students. It was entered into the Scholastic Books, Kids are Authors Contest and it won Honorable Mention. I feel this is a good VoiceThread because this is the finished product of a two month project.

Poetry and Illustration from Constance Vidor

The Poetry and Illustration VoiceThread shows how illustration can be used to interpret and illuminate poetry written for young readers. It begins by showing illustrations by two different illustrators of Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat.

Comparing J.S. Bach and Paul McCartney, Constance Vidor

The J.S. Bach and Paul McCartney VoiceThread introduces young learners to the great baroque composer by way of a comparison/contrast with a musician with whom they are more familiar.

1st grade - Reading Analysis from Leanne Windsor

This VoiceThread was a culmination of a project we did in library to get the children thinking about the books they were choosing to read and why they liked them. They were also learning about story structure...

Kindergarten Storybook from Leanne Windsor

This VoiceThread displays the illustrations that the children drew with author Alison Lester when she visited our school. We followed the pattern of her picture book series about children and what they are doing day to day.

4th Grade - Where I'm From Poems from Tara McCartney

Students shared personally significant poetry against a backdrop of their own self portrait. This VoiceThread gave students a chance to share their work orally, as well as to explore the cultural differences between our students in a safe environment.

12th Grade - A Day in the Life from Joanie Batts

These High-School seniors used VoiceThread to create the final segment to a school wide literacy project, "A Day in the Life of Dunnellon High School."

4th Grade - I Am Poems from Jackie Gerstein

The "I am" feedback project demonstrates a method for providing qualitative feedback to students' poetry: students began with a hands-on activity: the magnetic poetry, and later put it into a VoiceThread.

4th Grade English from Ms. Naugle

VoiceThread enabled my students to put their poems out in an audio format to be shared with others. They eagerly practiced their speaking fluency to get it "just right" because they wanted to impress their "audience".

4th Grade book-reading discussion from Krystina Kelly

This VoiceThread shows how a wide number of students from different classes and grades can use VoiceThread to have an asynchronous conversation about books.

Kindergarten reading from Heather Taylor

I think that this is a good project because the children are able to share some of their experiences with reading and talking about books at home.

7th Grade from Amy Cobb

This is a great example of what a VoiceThread can do when embedded in a blog: foster global conversation.

It's Hiding Up My Sleeve - 7th Grade English by Amy Cobb

This is a powerful reflection of a young girl's seventh grade experience. It tells a story using six photos that defined her middle school year.

3rd Grade from Alice Mercer

This VoiceThread demonstrates the use of features that are unique to the application. The creator has used both voice and text to "teach" the lesson.